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The height of chemistry tuition

Elite high school tutoring for the elite: we help students get into Australia’s most prestigious universities

For over 10 years, Prestige Academy has helped Australian students
excel in secondary and tertiary level chemistry papers. 

Driving nothing but academic excellence, our private tutor draws from 20 years of teaching experience
and first-class qualifications to help our students exceed their potential.

Our students go on to attend:

The Prestige difference

Passionate about developing young minds

Taking a comprehensive, one-on-one approach, our private tutor helps guide your child to gain a deeper understanding of chemistry theory and practice. 

As experts in high school tutoring for years 11 and 12, we help our students excel in their school papers, and further; prepare them for tertiary education. 

Personalised high school tutoring

We create learning plans to guide your child

When it comes to chemistry tuition, our process is designed to fit each individual child and help them pursue their studies and career dreams.

We seek out your child's intellectual gifts and take note of their learning patterns and challenges. Using a range of teaching techniques; from verbal to visual to kinaesthetic, we tailor our tutoring to the needs of your child. 

Nothing less than success

Our students demonstrate a 20-40% improvement

Research in cognitive science and psychology shows that comprehensive testing is an effective way of successful learning.

At Prestige Academy, our private chemistry tutor tests students regularly. This helps students with their understanding of concepts; validating their learning process.

Our private chemistry tutor results

Alexandra W


After 3 months:
69% to 100%
20th rank to 1st

Heloise V


After 6 months:
51% to 83%
38th rank to 10th

Angus R


After 3 months:
78% to 95%
23rd rank to 1st

Erica L


After 3 months:
81% to 97%
13th rank to 1st

We tutor students from a range of Sydney's top schools including:

Ascham School
Ascham School

Sydney Grammar School
Sydney Grammar School



James Ruse Agricultural School
James Ruse Agricultural School

We also work with a number of exclusive universities and education departments:

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