One-on-one tutoring: our process

A personalised approach to chemistry revision

Here at Prestige Academy, we believe that every student has a unique way of learning

Our tutoring services are tailored to the individual. Taking into account each student’s intellectual gifts, goals and obstacles, we design personalised education plans.

We take a one-on-one tutoring approach; believing that in order to maximise each students full potential they need private guidance. 

Our selection process

The first step in our process is having a specialised interview with you and your child. Getting to know your child, we see if our tutoring services are the right fit for their needs.

As a prestigious chemistry revision provider, we  limit our places to a maximum of 20 students.

Designing a personalised plan

Once you’ve secured your child’s spot, we will hold weekly 2 hour sessions with your child, assisting with their chemistry studies and helping them excel to the top of their class.

Going into great detail, our one-on-one tutoring sessions follow a thorough schedule; continuously testing and upskilling your child's learning with chemistry revision.

Development, growth and results

The most rewarding step in our process? The results!

Here at Prestige Academy, we have high standards. We are both determined and passionate about fostering improvements in your child’s learning.

Our tutoring services are designed to teach students to become more efficient learners. 

Delivering elite chemistry revision, using a three-style, proven learning method


Many of our students learn best through discussion. This is why we use conversation as a key tool for chemistry tuition. We help students process theories through conversation and tailor our knowledge to their own thought-process.


For some students, imagery is a powerful tool for their understanding of concepts. During our one-on-one tutoring lessons, we use animations and graphics to expertly guide our students learning.


Theories have proven that physically creating chemical reactions in your hands is highly beneficial to students understanding. Because of this, we utilise physical or ‘kinesthetic’ building.

After securing a spot, our students receive:

  • Weekly 2-hour private lessons
  • Personalised booklets and homework sheets
  • Detailed modules and dot point syllabus
  • Over 400 pages of resources
  • Weekly tests (in exam conditions)
  • Out-of-class time with tutor via email or phone
  • Extra lessons for exam preparation

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