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Here at Prestige Academy, we believe that every student has a unique way of learning

Our tutoring results are of an elite level. Our top students leave the Prestige Academy with nothing less than academic excellence.

When our students come to Prestige Academy, they each face a variety of obstacles. Here are just a few examples where we have helped them overcome their obstacles. 

Academic obstacle: making the right decision

Leslie, Reddam House School

When Leslie came to Prestige Academy, he was facing the challenge of making the right decisions and balancing his social life with his studies.

He was having trouble prioritising his school and social life; often spending time with friends during his exam period, when he should be studying. Leslie was in need of guidance.

Following a comprehensive term of tutoring and testing, our chemistry tutor strongly encouraged Leslie to prioritise his education – particularly during the exam period.

Academic obstacle: low self-esteem

Anna, Kambala

From the very first lesson, our chemistry tutor noticed a low self-esteem in Anna, even though she was a very bright, gifted student.

Anna was struggling with putting herself down and having a lack of confidence in herself. Because of this, it was impacting her studies – Anna was in need of encouragement.

Taking a careful – yet comprehensive – approach, our chemistry tutor and in-house educational psychologist guided Anna with her studies and overall confidence and well-being.

Academic obstacle: very little sleep

Kevin, Sydney Grammar School

Concentration requires a rested mind, and when Kevin first started with our chemistry tutor we noticed he yawned a lot – it turned out he was sleeping far too late and it was impacting his studies.

Kevin was spending invaluable time on his phone, instead of getting the rest he needed. He also admitted to struggling with falling asleep in class due to limited sleep.

Following a conscientious timetable provided by our in-house educational psychologist, Kevin demonstrated a major improvement in his concentration and studies.

Academic obstacle: high level of anxiety

Sandra, SCEGGS Darlinghurst

Sandra, a very intelligent student, faced an anxiety challenge when she joined our program. She was in constant worry about her chemistry homework and assessments.

When Sandra first started at Prestige Academy, her anxiety struggle was very difficult - she was at the point of vomiting under pressure. She required serious support.

To assist her with overcoming this, our chemistry tutor conducted a number of extra tests in exam conditions to help her prepare. Sandra then gained a deeper understanding of chemistry theory in a less worried state.

Academic obstacle: lack of direction

Ariana, St Catherine’s School

As a conscientious, scholarship gifted student, Ariana had the intelligence to do well in school, however she was lacking direction. She came to us aspiring guidance and preparation for life after school.

Two months prior to the Trial HSC, Ariana joined our exclusive program, she felt her school feedback wasn’t very valuable. She was now unsure of the career path she wished to follow.

Backed by extensive qualifications and experience working as an exam writer, our chemistry tutor guided Ariana with acute regular testing; motivating her to study on a daily basis and heighten her intellect.

Academic obstacle: disorganised

Peter, Sydney Grammar School

When Peter first joined our chemistry tutor program, he was lacking organisation. He wasn’t completing all of his homework and was forgetting books for class. Because of this, his grades were suffering.

In checking Peter’s school progress, it was evident that his class and homework was incomplete, and his school report was at a much lower level than his potential.

After creating Peter a comprehensive study time sheet, and undertaking a strict tutor regime, our chemistry tutor guided him to become a more organised student.

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